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Locks & Locksmithing

We have on staff licensed Locksmiths with over 25 year’s experience in the field for in store service and advise. We have a little to much to offer in this category to fit on the page so click on the lock to the right for more details on our locksmith services.

Pipe Cutting & Threading

We pride our selves in our vast plumbing dept and offer many cutting and preparation services. We cut and thread black, galvanized and brass pipe to almost any length to complete your project. We sell copper pipe by 10' lengths as well as 2' and 5' sticks for your convenience. PVC available in 1/2" - 1" by the 10' length and 1-1/2"- 4" can be purchased by the foot or in 10' lengths as well. If you are working with flare fittings we can flare soft copper tubing for you which again we sell by the foot of the 50' roll. We are in the business of selling pipe so please don't bring in your own pipe to thread, as you wouldn't bring your own eggs to a restaurant to cook.

Custom Blinds & Installation Window coverings can be both functional and attractive. At Krown we offer anything from stock off the shelf mini-blinds in sizes from 17"x 64" to 72" x 64" as well as a vast selection on custom made window coverings. Anything from custom vertical, mini, pleated, horizontal blinds and more. We will come out measure and install these blinds professionally if needed. Last year we partnered with Timber Blind and Shutter to offer a wider selection of window treatments at the best price.
Windows, Screens, Glass & Acrylic

Got a pane that’s giving you some pain? No problem here at Krown, we stock single and double strength glass in many stock sizes, as well as acrylic sheets and we will cut them to just the size you need for free. Acrylic sheets are available in three thick ness’s .100,.118, and .220. We can also install the replacement sheet in you single or double glazed frame. Screens are another specialty of ours, we can replace the screen in you existing frame or fabricate a screen and frame from scratch.

Paint Mixing & Matching

We are serious about color but yet we make Colors Simple. We can color match samples of almost any sample whether it be a material swatch or a chip sample from a paint chart. We have both Datacolor and Benjamin Moore's ColorRX color computer systems to insure the best results. We can also cross reference many paint manufactures colors directly through our computer data base, allowing us to duplicate that color using our paint bases. Once you have arrived at the color you like let’s use our computer to help you create a palette to compliment the trim and or secondary color.

When mixing Benjamin Moore paints we exclusively use their Gennex® colorant system. The new Benjamin Moore Gennex coloring system does not only contain cool colors but makes paint cover easier and last longer because of the way it blends with the paint. It is zero VOC and can be used with Benjamin Moore’s latest products.

In our Benjamin Moore and True Value lines of paint we have both interior and exterior paints in various finishes along with specialty paints like our X-O line of rust resistant paint. You can chose through our Benjamin Moore color charts and we can make you up a sample pint which will give you enough paint to brush out a 8' x 8' section on a wall to really get a feel of what that color will look like at home. At only $4.99 per can it a wise investment to be sure your going to happy with the color.

Advice is cheap (FREE) and we will help you with decisions on primers, applicators, drying times etc. Just remember to ask a lot of questions. Visit the Benjamin Moore or True Value Paint web site for ideas and information about our great lines of paint.