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Automotive We have a nice limited line of auto accessories. Auto waxes, cleaners, applicators and pads to care for you car. We also stock many lubricants and additives as well as antifreeze. Stop by and check it out we are always adding to our assortment.
Building Materials

Our four foot lumberyard has just the essential needs to complete a project while we stock other items like roofing paper, roofing flashing & cement to keep that weekend warrior supplied. Come in and challenge us, we'll either meet your needs or offer advice as to where to get what you need to complete your project.


Let there be light! And we want to help you keep that light glowing. In our electrical department you will find anything form a night light bulb to 1" EMT. We stock a huge variety of bulbs which continues to grow by the week including approximate 50 SKU's of CFL's (compact florescent) alone, along with incandescent halogen and fluorescent bulbs. We have most everything from a u-ground adapter to electrical service panels.

Plumbing Ever heard of a tub on legs other than a designer magazine. This is no problem for us as the Brownstones in our area all had these tubs at one time or another. We stock a full assortment of regular plumbing items as well as regional items not found in national chain stores. If you have a plumbing problem we will find the solution or make one. We stock fittings in black, galvanized, brass, copper and PVC and cut and thread pipe to size (see services). We have all the faucet repair items you need, including stems, handles, seats and cartridges. We sell all pipe by the foot or length and copper tubing is available in 10, 5 and 2 foot lengths.

Screws, nuts, and bolts, what would a hardware store be without those staple items. Yea we have those and more, everything you need to screw it, nail it and lock it up. Fasteners are a necessary part of everyone life, we all need to keep things together. Here at Krown we have all the fasteners you need. Looking for door or cabinet hardware, we got it in stock or we are always pleased to take your special order. Mail boxes are in stock, both single units and multiple gang apt. boxes by Bommer. We have an ever expanding line of decorative hardware and security items. Security, well you will have to also check out our services page as we specialize in security. Anything from a 3/4" luggage locks to an electromagnetic lock with card swipe access. Need a key cut? Please challenge us, we have over a thousand different key blanks with the machinery and know how to cut almost any key. The photo on the right (our wall of keys) represents just a small portion of the keys we stock. For more details again (see services).

Lawn & Garden

In Brooklyn we don't have a lot of lawns but we do have gardens and actually our department includes a lot more than just lawn and gardens. Along with seeds, fertilizers and soil we carry an interesting assortment of items to make your outdoor experience fun and memorably. We have a huge assortment of special order items as well. Also included in this department is our extensive variety of pesticides and rodentcides. It doesn't sound as pretty as the lounge chairs and hammocks but it is a reality here in Brooklyn and we stock the items you need to win the battle over the enemy.

Floor Covering

Whether it's that 4 pieces of 4"x4" pink ceramic tile you need to replace or 4 rooms of wall to wall carpet you’re interested in, we got your answers. Vinyl tile, laminate flooring, ceramic tile, sheet vinyl, and carpet are just some of the flooring options at Krown. We have thin-set mortars, grout, adhesives and trims you need.


We live by color and express ourselves with it, here at Krown we allow you to get as crazy or reformed as you like. Are you looking for a hot red like "Ruby Slippers" or are you satisfied with "Off White" you be the judge and will provide the color. We feature Benjamin Moore and Easy Kare paints which are two of the finest brands in the industry. Having both Benjamin Moore and True Value paints we can mix thousands of colors in our own palette or to almost any other brands colors you bring in and or swatch or fabric as well. For more info on paint coloring and matching (see services) .We also have a 18 color line of premixed paint from Kraftmaster which is an economical paint line with good coverage and finish. Applicators are the key to getting your job done right. Using better applicators will make a good paint look better and great paint look totally professional. We offer a wide variety of applicators, both inexpensive and professional; take the time to ask our advice on both paint and applicators.


We have well appointed tool department with plenty of both hand and power tools. We have both brand name as well as our local importer's line of Tuff Stuff Tools. We feature a good better and best in both power and hand tools. Power tool line like Black & Decker, Dewalt, Milwaukee, Bosch, and Skil are available as well a inexpensive alternatives like Tuff Stuff and Master Mechanic. Hand tools represented as well like, Channelock, Vise Grip, Stanley, Estwing, Irwin, and more. Come in, pickup some tools and get busy!!

Moving & Storage

One of our new catagories which seems to have filled a need in our community. We have a wide variety of boxes and packing material to help you to move or just pack up some things you sold on E Bay you will find it at Krown. From tapes, bubble wrap, peanuts, packaging kits, labels, and more, you will find we have a very extensive packing and shipping department.